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Meet "Ginko Tangle" pattern

The Elegance of Nature in a Versatile Pattern

Introducing Ginko Tangle, a pattern that captures the intricate essence of nature, transforming leaves into an explosion of deep and luminous forms.

An Exploration of Colors and Shapes

This design comes in three captivating color versions, offering a wide range of possibilities to suit any taste and style. From the elegance of total green to the relaxing atmosphere of blues, to the warm richness of golden foliage, this pattern fits perfectly into any context.

The Magic of Vector Graphics

Crafted in vector format, Ginko Tangle is incredibly versatile in size, ensuring quality in every use. Whether it's fabrics, wallpaper, upholstery, or home decor, this design gracefully adapts to every surface.

Brightness and Depth

What makes Ginko Tangle unique are its subtle shadows, adding depth and brightness to the intricate foliage. It's as if nature comes to life on your surfaces, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Perfect for Every Environment

Imagine Ginko Tangle in your living room or bedroom. This pattern seamlessly fits into any environment, transforming spaces into natural works of art.

Customization and Availability

Ginko Tangle is available for licensing and can be easily customized to meet your color needs. The flexibility of this design offers you the opportunity to create a truly unique space with a significant impact on interior design.

Purchase Ginko Tangle on my Spoonflower shop.

This print is available for purchase on Spoonflower. Whether you're looking for fabric for clothing, wallpaper for a cozy room, or home decorations, you can bring the enchantment of nature home with just one click.

It's more than just a pattern. It's a visual experience that transforms spaces, bringing with it the refreshing and relaxing energy of nature. Choose your favorite version and bring this explosion of nature into your home.

Want to discover Ginko Tangle on my Spoonflower shop? [Click here]

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