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Art Licensing: Cherry Flavor Shirt

Cherry Flavor for Yiume

Hello! I am excited to introduce my recent collaboration with Yiume, a brand specialized in Hawaiian shirts that exude authentic tropical style. As a surface pattern designer, this project in art licensing has been truly satisfying.

Hawaiian Shirt Yiume with Cherry Flavor pattern

Shirt Cherry Flavor for Yiume

Cherry Flavor Pattern by Claudia S. Design

From Vintage Design to Tropical Elegance: "Cherry Flavor" on Yiume

"Cherry Flavor," a vintage-inspired design born in the world of design, has found new life as an exclusive Yiume shirt. Initially created for wallpapers, home decor, and fabrics, this design remains one of my favorites on Spoonflower and now showcases its vintage charm in Yiume's Hawaiian shirt collection.

Yiume's Black Friday: Seize the Opportunity

Take advantage of Yiume's Black Friday sale to wear "Cherry Flavor" until November 24th. You can explore Cherry Flavor.

The World of Customized Design:

As a surface pattern designer, I offer the opportunity to create personalized designs, bringing a unique and tailored touch to your experience. From wallpaper to fabrics, I am here to transform your vision into reality. Feel free to contact me or check out my work on the website or Instagram. Prefer scrolling through images? Find me on Pinterest.


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